Check Out

1. You must show your Student ID card to check out your book.

2. You may check out 3 books at a time.

3. You may check out books for 2 weeks.

4. You may renew the same book 2 more times.

5. Please return all materials on or before the due date at the circulation desk.

6. Reference books and magazines may be checked out under certain conditions. Please see the librarian.

Overdue Books

1. Overdue books will be fined 10 cents per book and per school day.

2.  Failure to clear fees will result in stop clearances and exclusions from school activities. 

Lost Books

If a book is lost, library patron will have to pay for the book at the original cost of purchase. If the book is found at a later date after the payment was already made, the fee will be returned. 

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